We offer three one-year fellowship opportunities at the CHRISTUS Health Texas A&M Family Medicine Residency Program. We have a well respected ACGME accredited Geriatric fellowship that prepares one for taking care of the aging population. Two of our faculty have CAQ's in Geriatrics and run a local nursing home. A Hospital Medicine fellowship offers additional experience in taking care of hospitalized patients through a busy inpatient service and longitudinal ICU experience. The Obstetrical fellowship allows increased experience with high risk OB, surgical obstetrics and other operative procedures. All of these fellowships enhance the educational experience of our residency.

Contact Information

Obstetrics & Women's Health Dr. Yanet Lobaina
Email: yanet.lobaina@christushealth.org
Geriatrics Dr. Kathleen Soch
Hospitalist Dr. James Wilson
Email: james.wilson2@christushealth.org
  •  The Christus Spohn OB and Women’s Health Fellowship program invites applicants who have a specific interest in full scope Family Medicine with a more specialized training in OB and Women’s health. Our program prepares fellows to effectively manage critical maternal health needs. Our patients provide a very diverse and high-risk population. Our structured ultrasound training will offer competency in basic skills and exposure to advanced ultrasound, as desired, with FM-OB Faculty and experienced licensed (RDMS) Ultrasound technician. Our Fellows will have unopposed access to multiple OB-GYN physicians, FM-OB physicians, MFM specialists, and an opportunity to participate in high risk cases in our labor and delivery unit at Christus Spohn South Hospital.